A Guide to Fix the ‘AV Service is Not Responding’ Error

So, you have just updated Avast anti-virus software on your desktop and it asks you to restart your computer to launch the program.

You do exactly as asked and when the computer restarts you get this error message ‘UI failed to load. This is really embarrassing AV Service is not responding.’ The error dialog box gives only two options to either ‘Exit’ or ‘Restart-Service’.

You can try both the options to check if these work for you or not. If these options fail to address the issue then we have got some more solutions for this error. But first, let us see why does this error happen? Knowing the cause of the error will help us take the proper action to solve this issue efficiently.

What are the Causes of the AV Service is not Responding Glitch?


Avast is a very popular and commonly used third-party anti-virus program. Although it is on the market for many years and is works very effectively against unwanted malware yet it can give some errors which compromise the safety of your computer.

These errors or glitches can be solved eventually but meanwhile, they can be very troublesome for the users. For this “AV service not responding’ issue, Avast has resolved this error with Windows 10. But if you have Windows 8 installed on your computer then you will keep on getting this error message until you find the cause of this error and find a solution to it.

The most probable causes for this error are as follows:

  • Avast can give this error if the Remote Desktop Services startup type is set at manual instead of automatic
  • If Windows is not configured properly then it can cause troubles for launching Avast
  • Sometimes corrupt Avast installation files can be a cause for this error
  • Sometimes third-party apps can also stop Avast from working properly causing this error to pop up
  • Running the latest version of Avast on an old version of Windows can be another cause of this issue

How to Fix the Av Service is not Responding Issue?

When you get this error message you can go ahead and check which one of the above-mentioned things is causing the problem. Start by applying solutions one-by-one that we are sharing below and see which one solves the error.

You can fix the ‘Avast AV service is not responding’ issue through the solutions given below:

  1. Set Remote Desktop Services to Automatic
  2. Repair Avast software
  3. Uninstall and reinstall Avast AV software

After you have tried exiting or restarting the Avast program without success then it is time to try the above-mentioned solutions. Let us go through these solutions in detail.

  • Set Remote Desktop Services to Automatic

To set up Remote Desktop Services do as follows:

  • To open the Run program on your computer, press window + R keys together
  • Open Services by typing and entering services.msc
  • Look for Remote Desktop Services
  • Right-click on it and press Start if it is not currently running
  • Now right-click on it again and select Properties
  • Here select startup types as Automatic
  • To save the setting click Apply and OK 
  • Restart your computer to see if the “Avast premier AV service is not responding’ error is fixed or not.
  • Repair Avast Software

If trying the first solution does not solve your error then it is time to check if repairing Avast will solve the issue or not. Here is how to repair the Avast software:

  • Go to the Control Panel of your computer and open Settings
  • Click on Programs and select and then choose Programs and Features
  • From the list of programs, look for Avast. Here choose the Advance option and click on Repair
  • After the completion of the repair process, restart your computer to check if the error message appears again or the issue is fixed
  • Uninstall and Reinstall Avast AV Software

When repairing the Avast does not solve the error issue then your next move is to uninstall and reinstall Avast software. Hopefully, this final solution will work for you. Here is how to do this:

  • Open the Control panel and go to Programs. From here click on Programs and Features
  • Find and select Avast and choose to uninstall
  • Follow all the instructions and restart your computer when asked
  • Download and install Avast again. Check if the error persists or not

Final Words on ‘AV Service is not Responding’

So, here are some simple but effective solutions to help fix the Avast error. We hope that this article helped resolve your problem.

An antivirus program is very useful for the safety of your computer by protecting it from harmful malware. If this program is not working properly or is giving some errors then you must act immediately to solve the issue.

If our mentioned solutions don’t work out for you then you can always contact customer support of Avast and seek their help and guidance to overcome this error.