Fashion Moments – Some Best Red Carpet Dresses

So, what is the most awaited thing whenever there is a red carpet event such as an award ceremony, or a movie screening?

Yes! You guessed it right! The red carpet looks of the celebrities!

People are less interested in who won the awards and more in what red carpet dresses were hit or a miss. Many times it so happens that a celebrity steals the limelight because of their outfits even without winning an award. There is so much effort that goes into creating the perfect red carpet appearance so people’s interest in the dresses worn by celebrities is justified.

Sometimes celebrities deliberately choose a certain controversial style that makes people talk about them on every platform. Recently in the Oscar Awards 2021, an inclusive dress by designer Christian Siriano took the internet by storm. Christian Siriano red carpet dresses are a visual treat and people cannot stop talking about this recent design by him.

Many actresses always look so impeccable in their red carpet appearances and people look forward to what dress and designer they choose. Therefore, keeping in view your interest, we have compiled some best looks of a few famous artists.

Some Best Red Carpet Dresses of our Select Artists

We have selected these celebrities for their well-known sense of style and successful red carpet appearances over the years. Just go through the following list and enjoy their perfect red carpet dresses.

  • Rihanna


Rihanna made her debut as a singer in 2005 and these 15 years she has come a long way. In addition to her singing career, she now owns her beauty and clothing line ‘Fenti’.  Despite having her own label Rihanna is seen wearing various designers during red carpet events. Her style statement is something to take inspiration from.  If you are looking for some beautiful outfits then look no further than Rihanna red carpet dresses. Her best looks are:

  • Grammy Awards 2013
  • Valerian red carpet appearance 2017
  • Grammy Awards 2017
  • Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian red carpet dresses are a treat to watch. She always wears what is super fashionable so it resonates with her audience. Kim has made simple tracksuits a style statement through her brand. But leaving it aside, let us look at a few red carpet looks that Kim Kardashian rocked. ‘Keeping Up with The Kardashians’ star flaunted stunning looks on various occasions notably:

  • Grammy Awards 2015
  • People’s choice award 2019
  • Vanity fair Oscars Party 2020
  • Kylie Jenner


Kylie is Kim Kardashian’s younger sister.  Just like her sister she is a style icon although her dressing style is very different from her elder sister.  She has made some memorable appearances on the red carpet. Kylie Jenner red carpet dresses are a delight to look at. She has worn some stunning outfits on many red carpet occasions but we are sharing three of our favorite Kylie looks.

  • Rihanna’s Diamond Ball 2015
  • Golden Globe’s After-party 2017
  • Met Gala 2018
  • Selena Gomez


In 2020 Selena Came back into the music scene with her new album ‘Rare’ and made many public appearances post the release of her album. If you follow Selena on social media you know that she has a great fashion sense. Time and again we have seen her wearing gorgeous red carpet dresses. Selena Gomez red carpet dresses are so stylish and true inspiration for young women who like to dress fashionably. Her best looks are many but we have picked the following:

  • Grammy awards 2016
  • We Day California 2019
  • Cannes Film Festival 2019
  • Taylor Swift



Taylor Swift’s style has evolved so much over the years. She has many hit red carpet appearances to her credit.  You can call her a fashion diva because of her impeccable style. Taylor swift red carpet dresses never miss to impress. Just check out her following looks to see what we are talking about.

  • Grammy Awards 2015
  • Billboard Music Awards 2018
  • American Music Awards 2019
  • Chrissy Teigen 


Chrissy is a famous television host and a model along with a cookbook author. She looks flawless in every look she selects for a red carpet event. She is usually seen with her musician husband John Legend on most red carpet events where they look so perfect as a couple. Chrissy Teigen red carpet dresses show so much style and elegance. Her best red carpet moments according to us are:

  • Academy Awards 2016
  • SAG Awards 2017
  • Baby2Baby gala 201

Red Carpet Dresses for Kids Celebrities

red carpet dress for kids celebrities

It will not be fair if we ignore kid celebrities in this discussion because many child artists attend red carpet events and make a style statement of their own. Therefore, it is worth mentioning here that in Academy Awards 2020 Alan S. Kim stole the show through his cute looks as well as his confident attitude. 

Our Thoughts on Celebrities’ Red Carpet Dresses

With so many artists gracing the red carpet events, it is very difficult to choose the best looks and dresses. It is up to an individual’s personal choice to like a certain look or not. Therefore, forgive us if we have not included your favorite celebrity in this article.

So, if you are an avid celebrity follower and take inspiration from their looks for your formal outfits then you have a huge collection to choose from! Even if you are not a celebrity, you can still pull off a red carpet look with the right attitude!