10 Best Waterproof Surf Cameras in 2021

In the recent past, water sports photography was considered the task of only a few professionals who used to go to great lengths to take stunning underwater pictures and videos. They used to construct water-housings to keep their cameras and other equipment safe from water. Then a tedious and time-consuming procedure was followed to get one good shot.

These days more and more people are enjoying water sports especially surfing and they want to share their experiences with the world by putting their pictures on social media. Whether you are a professional surfer or doing it occasionally just for fun, you want to be able to look back on your adventures and relive those exciting moments by looking at the photos of that experience.

When you think about taking pictures of any in-water sports and we are talking particularly about surfing, the first thing you have to consider is to get your hands on a waterproof surf camera. With all the recent advancements in camera technology, anyone with a waterproof camera can shoot excellent photos of themselves while surfing and then share them on Instagram!

Best Waterproof Camera – Buying Guide

Digital cameras for water sports must fulfill some basic criteria to be able to work efficiently in water. If you are new to surfing and buying a waterproof camera specifically for taking surfing pictures then you need to look for the following basic features:

  • Durability
  • Wearability
  • Portability (size and weight)
  • Picture and video quality
  • Digital compatibility

Keeping in mind the above qualities let us find you the best waterproof camera for surfing.

waterproof surf camera

Our Top 10 Best Waterproof Cameras

With so many good cameras in the market, it’s a daunting task to pick just one!

We have come up with a list of top ten cameras stating their best features that will work best for you as a first-time buyer of a waterproof surf camera.

  1. Akaso Brave 7LE

    There are very limited options when you are on a budget. Having said that, Akaso Brave is the best cheap waterproof camera any surfing lover can get. It has all the qualities that are required for underwater photography. Some of these qualities are:

    • Wide range of accessories in far less price
    • Easily goes underwater up to 40 meters
    • Satisfactory image resolution 
    • Touch screen and easy vlogging capability
  2. COOAU 4K  Action Camera

    As the name suggests this camera captures action shots flawlessly. This action for surf shoots at 4K /60fps. Its other great features are:

    • 170 degrees  wide-angle fish-eye lens
    • Allows the use of an external microphone for clear audio for underwater  videos
    • Crystal-clear pictures
    • Wi-Fi compatible
  3. Drift Ghost – S

    This waterproof camera might be heavier than its counterparts but its other specifications make it a great camera for surfing and various other water sports. It is a sturdy camera with the following underwater usage features:

    • Can go up to 9 feet underwater
    • Brilliant image quality with small image dimensions
    • Built-in Wi-Fi facility
    • A wide viewing angle of 160 degrees
  4. Fuji Film Pix XP120

    It is the most hassle-free waterproof surf camera you can find. With the newly included feature of Bluetooth low energy technology, you get your images transferred quickly to your tab. Other amazing features are:

      • Geo-tagging capability
      • Effortless  photo transfer
      • 5X zooming option
      • Remarkably  durable

    Fuji Film Pix XP120

  5. Go Pro Hero 6, Black

    Go Pro hero is a very popular choice for water sports enthusiasts especially surfers. It is the best waterproof camera for surf photography. The device has some great features that make it stand out from the rest.  It is your safe choice being the best waterproof video camera for surfing. It is extremely waterproof for about 33 meters underwater but with an optional Super Suit Housing, it can go up to 200 feet below water. Other features include:

    • Built-in stabilization for crisp images
    • Spectacular results of slow-motion footage
    • Improved and better quality night mode captures
    • Great value for money
  6. Nikon W300

    If you want to take breathtakingly good high-resolution surfing photos then we have found you the best camera. Nikon W300 should be your go-to choice for the best waterproof camera surf photography. It can even serve as a binocular because of its super zoom capabilities. The stand-out features offered by Nikon are:

    • Availability of e-compass and altimeter
    • Extremely rigid and durable
    • High-resolution lively pictures
    • Withstands any rough weather
  7. Panasonic Lumix DMC-T530

    To be honest, Panasonic is a trusted brand for many years. You can buy its products without any hesitation. The particular camera under discussion is superb for amateurs looking for easy to use waterproof surf camera. It gives high-resolution photos that allow the users to share their surfing pictures right away without wasting any time on editing. Other specifications include:

    • Extraordinarily durable
    • Red color reproduction mode for natural-looking underwater pictures
    • High-quality pictures in low light
    • Outstanding image stabilization 
  8. Polaroid Cube +

    This awesome waterproof camera is introduced by the same company which used to produce famous analog Polaroid cameras that come with a printer attached for instant prints. Some of its unique features are:

    • Tiny camera under 2-inch size
    • Got all minimum requirements of a digital camera
    • Lacks screen to view captured images
    • Can be connected to an android or iOS device to edit photos
  9. Sea Life DC2000

    True to its name Sea Life DC2000 is the camera to grab if you love taking pictures of water sports including surfing.  It takes perfect underwater photos for your cherished memories. It has the following fabulous features:

      • Easy to use functions
      • 4 underwater shooting modes
      • Terrific flash option
      • Ultra-fast autofocus

    polaroid cube

  10. Yuntab Sports Action Camera

    If you are looking for a cheap waterproof surf camera then consider buying this camera. Yuntab Sports Action Camera offers amazing features on a budget. Qualities that make it a great choice for surfers are:

    • Affordability
    • 120-degree wide-angle lens
    • Waterproof up to 30 meters underwater
    • High-quality video option available 

Concluding thoughts

When buying a waterproof camera for the first time, keep the above-discussed specifications in mind. Get the camera that suits your needs the best and start shooting those stunning surfing maneuvers!