5 Flawless Couple Outfit Ideas for Photo Sessions

Planning a couple photoshoot? Stuck on what to wear to complement each other perfectly in the photographs?

Let’s admit that choosing the right outfit as a couple is the hardest and a very tiresome part of the whole photoshoot planning process. But there are genuine reasons for this worry.

Your pictures will be displayed on the walls of your home for years to come so the anxiety is real!

Before we share some amazing couple photoshoot outfit ideas let us have a look at some great tips for selecting the right outfits. With some tried and tested tips from photoshoot experts, you can easily decide on the outfits that are just perfect for your partner and yourself.

General Tips for Selecting Couple Outfits

Choose outfits that you already have in your wardrobe. You will be more comfortable in wearing something you are used to and it will reflect in your photographs

  • Pick neutral colors. Refrain from wearing loud colors
  • Wear layers. Put a shirt over a tee or put on a jacket or coat. They look good in pictures
  • Pick styles that are classic as they will look good even after years have passed
  • Bring 2-3 outfits and see which ones look right according to the surroundings
  • If it is a themed photoshoot then go accordingly 

Choosing Between Formal and Informal Styles

When you are looking for couple outfit ideas for pictures the basic question is do you want to keep the photoshoot formal or you just want a casual look. You can even choose a specific look that you would love to recreate!

We will have a look at these two styles in a little more detail to help you choose an outfit that best suits your purpose for the photoshoot.

  • Formal Wear

If you want to look “dressed up” in your pictures then a formal outfit is what you need!

Other features that make formal wear special are:

  • Formal styles are timeless as they do not change and go out of fashion very quickly
  • Couples look sophisticated while wearing formal outfits and almost everyone we know likes pictures in formal wear
  • This is usually a go-to style for a maternity shoot, couple shoot, and other formal occasions like engagement sessions, etc
  • Informal or Casual Wear

You should select some casual clothes if you want your photos to look more comfortable and your usual self!

Some basic features that can help you to choose a casual look are:

  • Casual clothes blend well in almost any surrounding
  • Couples look more bonded and connected in their day-to-day clothes
  • You can move freely in casual clothes and try a lot more poses than you can while wearing formal clothes

After you have selected the basic theme according to the overall vibe of the photoshoot, it is time to pick the outfit!

5 Gorgeous Couple Outfit Ideas

We have brought to you five amazing outfit ideas for a couple photoshoot. You can adapt them as they are or get some inspiration and make changes according to your style.

  • Matching White T-shirts 

Same white T-shirts

That is a very casual yet classic look. It is a fun way to show affection for your significant other. You don’t have to pick exactly matching shirts for this style. You can sport your names at the back of your shirts or wear shirts that complement each other with a picture or a quote written on them. If your photoshoot permits this makes a great outfit!

  • Color-Coordinated Formal Dresses

color coordinated formal dress

You don’t have to go over the board when looking for couple outfits for a formal look. Go for the same colored blazer and skirt to rock this look!

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  • Denim for Him and Her

denim for him and her

Black jeans and a t-shirt with a denim jacket for the male and a black t-shirt and jeans for the female make a flawless look for a couple photo session.

  • Dresses in Same Earthy Tones

Dresses with same earthy tones

If you are looking for elegance and class then go for outfits in similar earthy tones. A long dress for her and, slacks and jumper for him in the same tones make a perfect couple outfit.

  • Mix and Match Similar Colors

mix and match same colors

When looking for cute outfit ideas for couple pictures just make sure to pick an outfit that translates your personality into the pictures. Just mix and match your favorite colors to bring harmony to your photoshoot and everything will fall into its place

Our Take on Couple Photoshoots

With so many couple outfit ideas floating on the internet, it has become very easy to get some inspiration. We would advise you to pay attention to the basic details only. Going into too much detail will leave you to be overly worried. Just try to have fun while the photographer does his or her job. When you truly be yourself and go with the flow, it will be reflected in your photographs as well.

Be genuine and rock that photo session!