Learn How to Get Old YouTube Layout

Change is the most permanent thing in this world!

Everything needs to change with changing times be it opinions, ideas, knowledge or technology, etc. Even though we know this fact yet we all resent change in one way or another. This might be because we get so used to some things that when we see a modification in their order or the way they function, we find it difficult to adjust to the alterations.

A classic example for the above discussion is YouTube and its new layout!

Ask loyal YouTube users and many would prefer the old layout over the new one. We aim to find the reasons for this preference and discuss how to use old YouTube layout.


Why Most People Love the Old YouTube Layout?

The reasons are simple!

Users are choosing the old layout over the new one because of a few basic reasons:

  • The old layout had become more of a habit
  • We were so used to the way it functioned
  • New things are difficult to accept!

But are these enough reasons to stick to an old version and not experience the features that the new version is offering? To help you get out of this dilemma, let us see in detail the changes made to the old layout and if we can still switch to the older version of YouTube, and how to get the old YouTube layout/design back. But first, we need to know more about the new version of YouTube and then assess our options.

YouTube – New Layout

new youtube layout

YouTube has made many changes to its basic design over the years but the most controversial change that gained negative reviews by users is the introduction of a new layout. 

In 2017, we all saw a new version of YouTube with an introduction of a new logo and many other new features such as Dark Theme. Back then you were allowed to revert to the old version because the new version was in an experimental phase.

However, in early 2020, Google announced that from March 2020 users will only have access to the new version of YouTube for desktop. The option to go back to the older or classic version will no longer be available.

Fast forward to 2021 and you can see that the new layout garnered many dislikes and disapproval by a large number of users which sent people searching the internet for advice on how to get old YouTube layout back.

Old Layout Versus New Layout – How Do I Get Back to the Old YouTube Layout?

how to get old youtube layout

So, it is making us curious as to what are the differences between the old and new layouts that have made people so anxious to go back to the old version. Is it just a nostalgic vibe that you miss? Or were the features of the old version that great that you want to get old YouTube layout back?

We will discuss some major features that make the two layouts set apart from each other:

  • Thumbnail size
  • Channel icon size
  • Dark mode
  • Channel analytics
  • More analytics for creators

The New YouTube layout shows bigger video thumbnails as well as larger channel icons. In addition, there is a dark mode option for users who like a dark background. As far as analytics are concerned, they are more organized, and specific information is much easier to find. YouTube has introduced additional analytics for creators which let them find more in-depth information regarding their uploaded videos.

Looking at the above information about the new YouTube layout we wonder why people still want to use old YouTube layout?!

Do you still want to know how to get old YouTube layout? If yes, then keep reading!

How to Get the Old YouTube Layout?

Okay, by now you have realized that YouTube is not facilitating its users to switch back to the old layout as several new features are not available in the old layout.  But you are still not satisfied with the new layout of YouTube. If you want to get your beloved old layout back then there is a way out!

Can you trust a third-party mini tool if it is your only option on how to get old YouTube layout back permanently?

You can go and search for such software online and analyze if it is worth giving a try or not. 

Our Thoughts – Why not Embrace the New YouTube Layout?!

We hope that we have satisfied you on finding how to get old YouTube layout.

Honestly, we will advise you to give a chance to the new YouTube layout!

Google management has made it clear that the old layout is being banished while the new layout is here to stay. Though you have all the right to criticize or dislike new looks and features, sooner or later you will have to embrace the new layout. Because there will be no other option.

Therefore, the earlier you get used to the new layout the better!