How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a fabulous phone if you are looking for a sturdy phone that can multitask effortlessly. What makes it worthwhile is the fact that Note 6 never came into existence and Note 7 was not received very well by the users. Galaxy Note 5 is still in demand for its great quality.

You still have Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that you got from a network with a payment plan and you want to use this phone with a SIM card from a different network or you are planning to go abroad for vacation with the same phone then this informative article is a must-read for you.

Reasons for Unlocking your Device

Before telling you the procedure of how to unlock the Samsung Galaxy Note let us know why we need to unlock a phone. When you buy a phone from any mobile network it is usually locked to be used only with that network. The reason being, you pay monthly installments to buy off your phone so the networks want you to use this phone only for their network services. If for any reason you want to use this phone with another network’s SIM card then you need to unlock it first.  Also when you are traveling abroad and want to use a local SIM card in your phone, you must have your phone unlocked using Samsung Galaxy Note 5 network unlock code. 

How to Unlock your Phone?

There are many ways to unlock your phone depending on the status of your phone payment to your network. But before discussing how to unlock your phone you need to gather some basic information. Things needed to unlock your phone are:

  1. A SIM card from another network
  2. IMEI number of your device: 15 or 17 digit long number written on the sticker behind the battery of your phone

Unlocking your Mobile Phone

Unlocking your phone is not a very complicated or difficult procedure at all. We will discuss in detail how to unlock Samsung Note 5 with code. You can get your phone unlocked without any hassle while sitting in your home.

  • Free Unlocking through the Networks

You can get your Note 5 unlocked for free. If you have paid off your device and your account is in good standing then you can request your network service to unlock your phone by providing you with an unlock code. You can check your eligibility for a free unlocking just by giving a call to your network. If you qualify you will be provided with a code that you can use to unlock your device. 

Usually, it takes about 5 days to get your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 unlock code free of cost. The procedure to use this unlock code is very easy to follow. Just write your IMEI number and unlock code provided by your network on paper before proceeding with the unlocking so it is easier for you to use them when asked.

Step by Step Guide

Most of the networks will have this same procedure to unlock the phone:

  • Call your network to check eligibility
  • Request for unlock code
  • Provide IMEI number
  • Wait for the Samsung Note 5 unlock code to arrive
  • Put SIM card from another network in your phone
  • Enter the unlock code when asked

Note: Some networks have pre-installed unlocking apps which do not require you to contact your network for unlock code requests. You can use those apps to check your eligibility and unlock your phone.

  • Paid Unlocking through Third-party un-lockers

If for any reason you are not eligible to get your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 unlock code, you can still get your phone unlocked through third-party unlocking services. Many unlocking services offer unlock codes for reasonable prices. You can buy unlock codes for almost all networks with a few exceptions.

Step by Step Guide

Every third party unlocking service has more or less these same steps to follow:

  • Visit a third-party unlocking service provider site
  • Fill out the form with details of your phone
  • An automated system will email you the unlock code when it is ready
  • Follow the instructions on how to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Procedure to Unlock Unsupported Networks

There are a couple of exceptions for paid unlocking too. Some networks’ unlocking procedures are rather complicated to so they require more time and effort. But there is always a solution to everything. Some unlocking services offer to unlock the phone with those networks as well for an added cost. You can check online which services are providing unlocking codes for these networks and sought out their services. 

Some Important Points to Remember

After you have decided to get your Note 5 unlocked, make sure to check the unlocking eligibility with your network first. Opt for a third party unlocking only when your network refuses to provide you with the unlock code. Choose a reliable unlocking service so that you do not get into any difficulties later on.

Unlock your phone and unlock your choice to use it with any network provider of your choice!