The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Shaving Soap

For clean-shaven men out there, shaving takes a great part of your morning routine every day. Shaving is something that you need to enjoy and be satisfied with the results afterward. Otherwise, it will start to look like a forced task that you just have to do because you don’t have any other choice.

Ditching the easy ways of shaving cream cans and cartridge razors or electric shavers for old-fashioned but luxurious shaving soap and safety razor experience is turning to be a preferred way of shaving for many men these days.

But many of you would like to know more about how to use shaving soap before deciding on adopting this classic method of shaving. Therefore, we have gathered all the details regarding shaving soaps.

Before we go and start our lecture on shaving soaps and how to use shaving brush and soap, let us first see the difference between shaving creams and shaving soaps. 


Why Do You Need a Shaving Soap Instead of a Shaving Cream?

Using a shaving soap in place of regular shaving cream has immense benefits. Not only it makes your skin soft and smooth but also imparts a relaxing feel to the otherwise mundane daily chore of shaving. 

Shaving soaps are better than shaving creams because:

  • Shaving soaps provide more hydration for your facial skin as compared to other shaving creams
  • As soaps come in form of solid bars so the product is long-lasting while shaving creams cans get empty really quick
  • Shaving soaps impart a signature scent that is not present in shaving creams
  • Most shaving soaps have glycerin and animal or vegetable fat which serves as a great moisturizer for skin and lubricates the skin for smooth shaving 

Things Required for Wet Shaving

The process of shaving using a shaving soap is known as wet shaving. After you decide to give wet shaving a try, you need to buy some basic things. These are:

  • Good quality shaving soap
  • A shaving brush
  • Shaving mug (you don’t need it if lathering on palm or face)
  • Razor of your choice

How to Use Shaving Soap with Brush?


Wet shaving requires a little preparation that will make the shaving process a smooth ride.

  • Preparing the Soap and Shaving Brush

Soak your shaving brush in warm water for a couple of minutes so the bristles soften up and absorb some water. This will help to make some good lather. Use badger or boar hair shaving brush as they tend to retain water which aids in lather making.

Also, while your brush is soaking, add some water on top of your soap so it softens up a little and can be used easily. 

  • Building the Lather from Shaving Soap

After the brush has been soaked for 1 to 2 minutes, take it out and shake all the extra water off. Now move your shaving brush in a circular motion on the softened soap. You will notice that the brush has been loaded with soap after half a minute or so.

Now that your shaving brush is loaded with soap, it is time to make some lather. You can do it in three ways as below:

  • Creating Lather in a Bowl

Take a shaving mug and use the loaded shaving brush to create lather. Swirl the shaving brush vigorously in the mug while adding a few drops of water in between the motion. It will yield a good quantity of lather.

  • Lathering Face Directly

You can eliminate the need for a shaving mug by lathering your face directly. Apply loaded brush in a circular motion on your facial skin until you get desired amount of lather.

  • Making Lather on Hand

Use your hand instead of a mug to make lather. Just follow the same process of circular motion on your palm and apply the lather to your face from there

How to Use Shaving Soap Without a Brush?

What if we tell you that you can do a wet shave even without a shaving brush?!

Let’s see how to use shaving soap if you don’t have a shaving brush. 

If you have a shaving soap refill then you can try using it without a brush. Just lather the soap in your hands like you do with ordinary soap and apply the lather on your face for wet shaving. The lather wouldn’t be of great quality but it works if you don’t have a shaving brush because of any reason.

Shaving and Post-shaving Regimen

Once you apply the lather to your face, keep building it up by moving the shaving brush in a circular motion so that the lather covers all of the hair. When you feel that the hair has softened up, move the brush in straight strokes to straighten the hair so smooth shaving.

Now use a razor of your choice to complete the shave. When you are done, follow the post-shaving routines as under:

  • Use a Quality after Shave Lotion

It will save your skin from irritation and give a lovely fresh scent.

  • Wash your Shaving Mug and Shaving Brush

Properly clean and wash your shaving brush. Wash off the shaving mug too if you use one. Discard any remaining lather.

  • Clean and Store Shaving Soap

After shaving, rinse off the lather from the soap and turn it upside down to dry it completely before putting the soap back into the container. This will keep the soap from hardening up.

Our Thoughts on How to Use Shaving Soap

Shaving creams are usually available in pumping cans so they have a lot of air in them which means the volume of shaving cream is very less. In addition, they lack moisture and do not make sufficient lather. In our opinion, shaving soaps are by far a better option as you can get cheaper refills afterward without needing to buy the whole container that they come in.

Hope we have helped you in making you choose a better shaving option for next time!