10 Mind Blowing Apps for Android Available to Try in 2021

Cellphones are not just for browsing social media or taking photos. You can do so much more with your phone if you get the right apps. There are a plethora of android apps out there so how to find which one will be useful to you?!

According to recent statistics, there are about 3 million apps available on the Google Play store. Quite a number, huh?!

With such a huge database of Android apps, you certainly need some assistance to find apps that will work for you. So here we are with some amazing apps for Android that you must try in 2021.

This list of apps is not sponsored but based completely on our personal choice so we will vouch for their utility!

Many of the apps we are sharing are free so it will not be a burden on your pocket. Also, we think that the usefulness of an app depends upon personal interests and habits. Therefore, we can hope that you will find apps that will be helpful for you in your daily lives.

Without wasting any more time let us go and check out these mind blowing apps for Android that we have selected for you.

  • Fabulous


Fabulous is an app that helps you build better habits and achieve your fitness goals. You can transform your life by adopting a healthy routine. It urges you to take simple steps that will bring a positive change in your daily life. For example, this app will prompt you to drink water, eat on time, and exercise regularly at your set times.

  • PhotoRoom


PhotoRoom is an amazing photo editing app.  You can easily design and optimize your photos even if you are not a professional. With free templates, you can create great visual content on your own.

With just one touch you can remove background as well as crop people and objects from the photo. In addition, you can put logos, texts, stickers, or even make collages to create something unique. This is one hell of an app to have!

  • Spotify


Spotify is superb music streaming app. This app lets you listen to music and play millions of songs for free. If you are a music lover then you should get the premium services for a minimal price and enjoy this app to its full potential. 

  • ToonMe


How would you like to turn your selfie into a fantastic cartoon in no time?!

ToonMe quickly creates perfect quality vector-style or cartoon-like portraits that give a hand-drawn feel. So, it is a perfect app for those of you who cannot draw or if you cannot afford to get your pictures drawn by an artist!

  • LastPass


It is a password generator and password manager that saves your passwords online. Anything you save on LastPass is synced automatically therefore, you can access your passwords from anywhere as and when needed. It is a very secure app so you don’t need to worry about your data being compromised. 

  • Zedge


Do you like to put wallpapers on your mobile and experience a new ring tone every now and then?

If your answer is a yes then this is a great app for you!

You can personalize your phone with HD wallpapers, live wallpapers, alarm sound, and awesome ringtones.

  • Doodle 


Doodle is an easy scheduling app on the Google Play store. This app helps you find the perfect time for a meeting or event that is suitable for all the participants. It is free and very easy to set up. So, next time you need to plan a reunion, picnic, meet-up, business meeting or any event try Doodle!

  • Google Translate


This app can assist you to translate between 108 languages!

You don’t need to have a translator physically present by your side when you can have your personal translator in your hands. You just need to select a text in any app and press Google translate icon to get its translation in seconds!

  • Evernote


Evernote is a mind blowing app for note-taking. You can use Evernote for saving anything that you feel is important and get back to it as required. You can store receipts, to-do lists, one-line notes, lists, or anything that you think is useful for you as a record. This app syncs all of your notes so you can access them from anywhere.

  • Access Dot


It is a brilliant app that helps you to see if any app installed on your phone is secretly accessing your camera or microphone in the background. Access Dot is a must-have app for Android as this will keep you mindful of the apps that pry on your privacy so you can make an informed decision to keep such apps in your phone or not.

Are you happy with our list of mind-blowing apps for Android?

As you know there is a very long list of apps that are so amazing and you can benefit from them so much but we have limited space here to share. Therefore, you might feel that this is not a very extensive list. But we urge you to go and experience a couple of apps from this list of mind blowing apps for Android that you feel interested in and we are sure that you are going to love these!

Soon there will be new apps to add to our picks but until then enjoy this selection!