30 Greatest and Richest Guitarists of All Times

If you are a fan of rock music, this question must have popped into your mind quite often that who is the best and richest guitarist of them all?

Everybody has a different perspective and preference so this question will have varied answers.

Want to have some knowledge on this topic? Let us start with what is rock music and what are the different types of guitarists.

What is Rock Music?

Rock music is a broad music term that has its roots in American rock n roll music. It originated in America in the late 1960s and became very popular in America and the United Kingdom. 

The most common instruments used in a rock performance are:

  • Electric guitar
  • Electric bass
  • Drums  

Other supporting instruments are:

  • Acoustic guitar
  • Piano
  • Saxophone 

Different Types of Guitarists in a Rock Band

Before we share our list of the richest guitarists in the world, let us find out about the different types of guitarists who play in a rock band.

  • Lead Guitarist

The lead guitarist in a band usually plays the most important lines and music notes. he also plays solo when needed. Many singers are also the lead guitarist in a band.

  • Rhythm Guitarist

The rhythm guitarist plays supporting notes alongside the drummer and bassist. The instrument played by both the lead and rhythm guitarists is the same. The only difference is the role of both guitarists in the band.

  • Bass Guitarist

The bass guitarist is responsible for the rhythmic foundation and harmonic foundation of the music. The bass instrument brings thunder to a performance.

Top 30 Richest guitarists in the world

In no particular order, we are sharing 30 legendary and famous guitarists who are also some of the richest musicians in the world.

 Many of these rock stars in this compilation happen to be the most richest American guitarists. Our picks are based on popularity and net worth. Do check out which ones of your favorite stars are included in the list.

  • Dave Matthews

David matthews

Years active:  1991 – Present

Instruments: Vocals, guitar, piano

Label: RCA, Sony

Net worth: $300 million 

  • Brian May

Brian may

Years active: 1964 – present

Instruments: Guitar

Labels: Hollywood, Parlophone

Net worth: $ 220 million

  • Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

Years active: 1961 – present

Instruments: vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica

Labels: Columbia, Asylum

Net worth: $ 350 million

  • Eric Clapton

eric clapton

Years active: 1962 – present

Instruments: Guitar, vocals

Labels: Polydor, Atco

Net worth: $ 250 million

  • Ritchie Blackmore


Years active: 1960 – present

Instruments: Guitar

Labels: SPV, BMG

Net worth: $ 16 million

  • Mark Knopfler

mark knopfler

Years active: 1965 – present

Instruments: vocals, guitar

Label: Blue Note, Virgin EMI

Net worth: $95 million

  • Jimmy Buffet


Years active:  1964 – present

Instruments: vocals, guitar, ukulele

Labels: RCA, ABC

Net worth: $ 550 million

  • Neil Diamond

neil diamond

Years active:  1962 – present

Instruments: Vocals, guitar

Labels:  Bang, Uni, MCA, Capitol, Virgin EMI

Net worth: $ 200 million

  • Sting


Years active: 1971 – present

Instruments: Vocals, bass guitar

Labels: A&M, Cherrytree

Net worth: $ 400 million

  • Bruce Springsteen

bruce springsteen

Years active: 1964 – present

Instruments: Vocals, guitar, piano

Labels: Columbia

Net worth: $ 500 million

  • The Edge 


Years active: 1976 – Present

Instruments: Guitar, keyboards, vocals

Labels: Island, Mercury

Net worth: $ 400 million

  • Rod Stewart


Years active: 1961 – present

Instruments: vocals, guitar

Labels: Mercury, Warner Bros, J Universal, Capitol

Net worth: $ 235 million

  • Dave Grohl


Years active: 1986 – present

Instruments: vocals, guitar, drums

Labels: RCA, Capitol, Sub Pop

Net worth: $ 350 million

  • Toby Keith


Years active: 1993 – present

Instruments: Vocals, guitar

Labels: A & M, Universal, Dreamworks 

Net worth: $ 365 million

  • James Hetfield

James Hetfield

Years active: 1978 – present

Instruments: Vocals, guitar

Labels: Warner Bros, Mega force, Blackened

Net worth: $ 300 million

  • Ronnie Wood

ronnie woods

Years active: 1964 – present

Instruments: Guitar, bass guitar, vocals

Labels: Warner Bros.

Net worth: $ 200 million

  • Kirk Hammett


Years active:  1979 – present

Instrument: guitar

Labels: Warner Bros, Electra, Vertigo, Megaforce

Net worth: $ 200 million

  • Jimmy Page


Years active: 1957- Present

Instruments: Guitar

Label: Swan song, Atlantic

Net worth: $ 180 million

  • Jon Bon Jovi

jon bon jovi

Years active: 1975 – present

Instruments: Vocals, guitar

Labels: Island, Mercury

Net worth: $ 410 million

  • Angus Young


Years active: 1970 – present

Instruments: guitar

Label: EMI, Epic, Atlantic, Albert, Columbia

Net worth: $ 160 million

  • Pete Townshend


Years active: 1962 – present

Instruments: vocals, guitar, keyboards

Labels: track, Polydor, Atlantic, Decca, Warner Bros.

Net worth: $ 150 million

  • Tony Iommi


Years active: 1964 – present

Instruments: Guitar

Labels: Warner Bros, Mythology, Heven & Hell

Net worth: $ 140 million

  • Keith Richards

keith richards

Years active: 1960 – present

Instrument: Guitar, vocals, bass guitar

Labels: Decca, Rolling Stones, Virgin, Mindless London

Net worth: $ 500 million

  • Paul McCartney 

Paul mccartney

Years active: 1957 – present

Instruments: Vocals, bass guitar, keyboards

Labels: Apple, Capitol, Columbia, Decca, Hear Music, Parlophone

Net worth:  $ 1.2 billion

  • Bono


Years active: 1976 – present

Instruments: Vocals, guitar, harmonica

Labels: Island, Interscope, Mercury

Net worth: $ 750 million

  • Mick Jagger

mick jagger

Years active: 1960 – present

Instruments: Vocals, guitar, harmonica

Labels: Virgin, Rolling Stones, ABKCO, Universal

Net worth: $360 million 

  • George Michael

george michael

Years active: 1981 – 2016

Instruments: vocals, Bass guitar, keyboards

Labels: Inner vision, Virgin, Columbia, Epic Dreamworks, Polydor

Net worth: $ 200 million

  • Don Henley

Don henley

Years active: 1970 – present

Instruments: Vocals, drum, guitar

Labels: Asylum, Geffen, warner bros, Capitol

Net worth: $ 250 million

  • Robbie Williams

robbie williams

Years active: 1989 – present

Instruments: vocals, guitar

Labels: Island/ Universal, Virgin, EMI/Chrysalis

Net worth: $ 300 million

  • David Gilmour

david gilmour

Years active: 1963 –present

Instruments: Guitar, vocals

Labels: Sony, Harvest

Net worth: $ 180 million

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned names include some of the richest lead guitarists in the world. Paul McCartney, who is a British singer, guitarist, songwriter, and composer has the biggest net worth among guitarists. An amazing fact is that Paul did not play as a lead guitarist but rather he played the bass guitar. It makes him the richest backup guitarist in the world. What must be kept in mind is the fact that most of these guitarists are the lead singers as well so they are more famous as vocalists.