70 Unique Tabby Cat Name Ideas for Your Kitten

Do you own a tabby cat? Are you looking for a unique name for your feline? You have come to the right place!

There are a lot of tabby cat name ideas available out there but you would want to name your cat that is downright unique and also suits it completely. Every cat has distinctive characteristics and looks so it is pertinent to name it accordingly too. So, let us know a little more detail about tabby cats to find a more apt name for your cute little pet.

What makes tabby cats so special?

Most probably when you think of a cat it is the image of a striped cat that pops up in your mind and that my friend is a tabby cat!

Tabby cats are domestic cats that get their name because of their notable coat pattern. They have an “M” shape marking on the forehead which makes them stand out from the other cats. Tabby cats also have stripes near eyes and across their face, while the rest of the body is covered in stripes, lines, bands, spots, flecks, or swirls. A tabby cat is not a breed itself but it is that characteristic marking on the fur which is found in almost all lines of domestic cat breeds.

Tabby Cat Patterns

Tabby cats sport many different sizes, colors, and patterns but broadly they can be divided into four basic groups based on four distinct tabby cat patterns that are most common. These are:

  1. Mackerel or striped tabby
  2. Classic or marbled tabby
  3. Ticked or agouti tabby
  4. Spotted tabby

Along with the above four patterns a fifth pattern is also common which is formed when any of the above four patterns form patches on the tabby coat. This patchy tabby is called tortoiseshell tabby.

When you embark on a search for the best names for tabby cats you must keep in mind the above features of these gorgeous cats.

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Tabby Cat Colors

Another physical appearance that can be considered while choosing cool tabby cat names is the color of the fur. Along with these distinct patterns, tabby cats have some distinguished colors as well. The most common of these are:

  • Brown Tabby
  • Red/orange Tabby
  • Silver Tabby

Tabby cat colors

70 Unique Tabby Cat Name Ideas

Names are the identity of a person as well as a pet. Cats become attentive when you call them by their names and giving an appropriate name to your beloved pet is a precious thing. We have searched and made a list of 70 best tabby cat names. Some of these names have been chosen by keeping in mind the patterns and colors of the tabby cats while some have been inspired by popular culture, food, and flowers.

Moreover, some beautiful names from languages other than English are also part of the list. We have also included some meanings and explanations of what those names stand for to make your choice easier.  Let us go and have a look at the names in alphabetical order:

  1. Amber – yellow or orange-tinted tree resin
  2. Apple – a fruit but cute name for a pet
  3. April – springtime
  4. Blondie – golden colored
  5. Brownie – chocolate dessert
  6. Candy – full of sweetness
  7. Coco – chocolate bean
  8. Copper – reddish-brown color
  9. Charlie – German name meaning free man
  10. Cheetah – markings like a cheetah
  11. Cherry – small red fruit
  12. Cookie – for brown colored tabby
  13. Duke – aristocratic looks
  14. Felix – Latin name meaning happy or lucky
  15. Fluffy – suitable for tabby with fluffy fur
  16. Elsa – Princess Elsa from the movie Frozen
  17. Garfield – fictional orange tabby cat character
  18. Ginger – orange colored
  19. Hershey – chocolate
  20. Honey – light golden color
  21. Jasmine – flower and also the Persian name for girls
  22. June – summer month
  23. Kate – same as princess Kate
  24. Kit Kat – best for brown colored tabby cat
  25. Kitty – cute name for a cat
  26. Lily – a flower
  27. Leopard – for one with a pattern like that of a leopard
  28. Lollipop – candy on a stick
  29. Lucky – fortunate
  30. Marble – for cats with fur patterned like a marble
  31. Marigold – yellow flower
  32. Mango – juicy fruit
  33. May – summer month
  34. Milo – milk chocolate drink
  35. Mint – a breath of fresh air
  36. Missy – a girl
  37. Mocha – great for a brown cat
  38. Muffin – sweet and soft
  39. Noodles – cute name for a male cat
  40. Oreo – black and white
  41. Panda – consider Oreo and Panda for black and white tabby cat names
  42. Panther – suitable for one with a coat like a panther
  43. Patches – great for a spotted tabby
  44. Peanut – awesome for a small-sized cat
  45. Poppy – Beautiful red flower
  46. Prince – how appropriate for a tabby
  47. Pumpkin – name for a chubby tabby
  48. Rajah – meaning prince in Hindi
  49. Rambo – the one who is very strong and masculine
  50. Rani – a meaning princess in Hindi
  51. Romeo – a lover
  52. Rose – sweet-smelling
  53. Rusty – rust-colored
  54. Sasha – Russian origin meaning defender
  55. Scout – for one who likes to roam into the streets
  56. Sheba – girl name of Hebrew origin meaning promise
  57. Silver Spoon – unique name for a unique silver tabby
  58. Simba – as in The Lion King movie, having Swahili origin meaning lion
  59. Slate – grey color
  60. Smokey – Slate, and Smokey both are very proper for black and grey tabby cat names
  61. Speckles – dots
  62. Spots – Speckled and spots are best for tabby with spotted fur
  63. Strawberry – tangy and juicy
  64. Stripes – for tabby with stripes
  65. Sugar – sweet
  66. Summer –beautiful hot weather
  67. Tiger – for cat with a tiger-like pattern
  68. Tulip – a flower
  69. Whiskers – for tabby with prominent whiskers
  70. Zebra – for a zebra-like pattern on the fur

Final Thoughts

So now you have got a long list of unique tabby cat name ideas! Feel free to use them and add an element of character to your beloved tabby’s name!