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Are you a budding author? Join us as a guest writer!

Why Join Us as a Guest Blogger?

What is the point to create content if it does not have an audience? 

If you are a writer then you know very well that gathering your thoughts, experiences, and valuable information in a piece of writing serves no purpose by just laying on your desk or computer!

Guest blogging is a popular marketing strategy for bloggers and writers to increase blog readership and get your blog known.

We at Scribblers Diary, strongly believe that information and valuable content should reach a wider audience. We are very keen on finding guest writers who have written value-added content and are willing to promote their work.

What Benefits Will You Get?

Guest blogging is an effective strategy to build your online presence. Writing for Scribblers Diary can benefit you in many ways:

  • Exposure to a wider audience and already established community 
  • Increase your followers because of Scribblers Diary’s already well-known social media presence 

What Topics to Write-On?

Here at Scribblers Diary, we encourage you to write on several topics that match the specific ambiance of our platform. You can choose any topic from of the following suggested areas:

  • Personal growth (Health and beauty, relationships, advice, etc.)
  • Business and profession 
  • Travel and places (Photography, guides, exploration, etc.)
  • Entertainment (TV shows, celebrities, movies, events, etc.)
  • Sports 
  • Lifestyle (Fashion, DIY, Food, etc.)
  • Gadgets and Technology 

How Should You Write It? The Guidelines

Please adhere to the following guidelines when you are aiming to publish your blog on Scribblers Diary:

  • The title of your blog must be catchy and should make an interesting read for our audience.
  • We put a great emphasis on the readability of the blog. Adorn your article with subheadings, short sentences, and paragraphs, numbered lists, bullet points, and other features to make your post visually appealing to the readers.
  • Your article must be at least 500+ words of unique, plagiarism-free, value-adding, and never before published content.
  • We encourage the use of images to make your article interesting for our readers. Images must have a minimum width of 700 pixels. Also, your post must also include a banner image without any text on it. Images must not have any copyright issues and credit must be given where due.
  • Please refrain from excessive linking. You are allowed to have only two naturally-fitting backlinks per post.
  • Affiliate links are not allowed on guest posts.
  • Scribblers Diary does not encourage keyword spamming. You should place the relevant keywords strategically.

How to Submit Your Work? 

Before writing and submitting a blog to Scribblers Diary, send us an email with your selected topic, reasons for selecting that specific topic, a short introduction of yourself, and your area of expertise. You can write and submit an article after the approval of that topic. 

What to Do After Submission?

Please keep in mind that we receive a lot of requests for guest post submission. It can take up to 7 days to review your article, accept or decline it and finally decide on the publishing date. However, if you do not hear from us within 7 days, you can contact Scribblers Diary through email.

Once your article is approved for publishing, Scribblers Diary has every editorial control over it.

  • Scribblers Diary reserves the right to make editorial changes and tweaks to your article as needed.  This includes anything from optimizing for SEO to changing blog style for improving the overall aesthetics of the article. 
  • Once the article is published on our site, it becomes the property of Scribblers Diary. You are not allowed to publish this article anywhere else, including your blog without our consent.

We at Scribblers Diary are looking forward to amazing articles from our guest writers!